Specifications of Echo Music Player – Part 2

Activity Lifecycle of Android Application

What is an Activity? In simple terms, an activity is a screen that you see in your app. There can be multiple activities in the same class. So for example, if you are shopping online. The first screen where you see the app logo is the intro activity or the splash activity. Next another activity is triggered where you select the items you want and then next your payment activity appears where you check out the items. Now how does this work?

How do the items displaying the screen appears after the splash screen is finished? And how does the payment screen appear after checking out the items? That is where the Android activity life cycle comes in. Android life cycle provided the Information about the process of life cycle methods of activity. Which means that what method is going to get invoked at what particular action or timeout the Calling of life cycle methods of activity. Which means that what method is going to get invoked at what particular action or time.

Home Splash screen SPECIFICATIONS

This should be the first home-screen that gets display when a particular user opens this app. It would have a linear gradient background and the Application logo at the center of the screen. The user will see the screen for only a second and then the home screen after pop up.

Navigation drawer

 The navigation drawer is needed so that the particular user can navigate to different screens within the application. The particular user should be able to access the navigation drawer on all the app screens by clicking the hamburger button on the left side of the header or by swiping right from the left edge.

It would have an application logo section at the top with a gradient in the background and app logo in the center (similar to Splash screen but smaller). Below the app logo section, there would link to ‘All songs’, ‘Favorites’, ‘Settings’, and ‘About us’ screen in a list style. After Click on any app link will open the corresponding screen.

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