Setting Screen – Echo Music Player [Part-4]

Settings screen on Echo Music Player

The ‘Settings’ screen will have the option to enable or disable the ‘Shake to change song’ feature using the toggle button.

The default value of the ‘Shake to change song’ feature may be ‘disabled’. If the user enables the ‘Shake to change song’ feature, the application should remember it, so when the app user kills the app and launched it again, the ‘Shake to change song’ should stay automatically enabled.

About Us screen

The ‘About us’ App screen will display the information about the app developer and the application version. As part of the app developer information, there would developer’s photograph and a few lines about him/her.

The ‘Now playing’ screen is the actual music player in the application.It houses all the elements which let the user connect with the current played track or the next/previous track.

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