Overview of Android Studio – Echo Music Player Project [Part-1]

Overview of Android Studio

Android Studio is one such tool. We were introduced to Android Studio just a few days after its prerelease at Google I/O in 2013The Android Tools Ecosystem Android is a technology platform with its own ecosystem of tools to support it. Git is a distributed source-control tool that is quickly becoming the standard not only for mobile development but for software engineering in general. We have never worked on a mobile development project that does not use Git for version control.

Echo Music Player App

  • Build a music player with the following functionalities:
  • A Splash screen (Background Is a gradient and Application logo at the center)
  • Route cabinet with Application logo area at the top alongside connections to All Songs, Favorites, Settings, and About Us.
  • An ‘All songs’ screen (whereof list all the tracks fetched from offline(Without Internet) storage are displayed and a particular user can sort the tracks by name or recently play track). This will the home screen of the app.
  • The Application should be able to Sync and play .mp3 and .wav files.
  • A ‘Favorites’ screen (In the listed of every the favorite songs are displayed)
  • A ‘Settings’ screen (where the ‘Shake to change song’ feature will be disabled or enabled)
  • An ‘About us’ screen (where we’ll show info regarding the app developer and also the Latest Version of Application)


A ‘Now playing’ screen with the following features:

  1. Track title and track artist
  2. Play / Pause button
  3. Next button
  4. Previous button
  5. Shuffle button
  6. Loop button
  7. Seek bar
  8. Mark track as favorite or favorite it
  9. Third-party visualizer in upper half background
  10. A ‘Back to list’ button in the header which should take the particular user to the screen he came from (kind of Iike back button behavior).

A ‘Now playing’ bar at the lowest with the name of the track playing and play or pause functionality. This would appear if the user has moved from the ‘now playing’ screen to ‘Ali songs’ screen or ‘Favorites’ screen without pausing the track. Background play. The Application can be continued playing the Song if the app gets closed without the music being paused. A Notification saying .A track is playing within the background” providing the application get closed without the music being paused.

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