Now playing Bar – Echo Music Player [Part-6]

Now playing Bar – Echo Music Player 

The All songs App screen and the Favorites App screen will have an ‘N0w playing’ bar at the bottom if the app is playing a track.

This bar should display the title of the Song track playing and play or pause function. It would also have an image of some equalizer bars in the left side and a static text above the track title name saying “Now playing”.

If the track title is too long to be displayed in one line, an ellipsis would appear in the track title.​​The Play/Pause button would work the same as it did on the ‘now playing’ screen.

Background play Feature

Just like any other music player app, this app will allow the user to listen to music even when the app is running in the background (when a user plays a track in the app and switches to a different app from notification bar or recent apps section or simply goes to the home screen, the app will keep running in the background and keep playing the track.)

If there is an incoming/outgoing call while the app is playing a track, the app should pause the track. As it is a basic music player, the app wouldn’t pause a track for any other case.

It means that if the user starts another music player or video player or any such app while our app is playing a track in the background, our app wouldn’t pause the Songs track and the other app can play music over our application.

Notification Of Echo Music Player

With the background play feature in the Application, the user can play tracks in the background, but he would have no way to figure out which app is playing the Song track (except for the opening and checking all the recent applications). So the Application needs to have a notification indicating that this particular app is playing music in the background.

The notification would say “A track is playing in the background”. This notification Should be a pop up in the notifications drawer every time when the app plays any track in the background. Ensure that this notification shouldn’t in the notifications drawer when the app is not playing a track in the background.

Also, the notification would be there only when the app is playing a track in the background and it won’t be there when the user is interacting with the Application (i.e. if he/she is on any of the screens of the app).

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