Feature & Song Screen | Echo Music Player [Part-3]

Feature Or Song Screen – Echo Music Player

All songs’ screen will be the home screen of the app, meaning when the app is launched, user will see the ‘All songs’ screen after the splash screen. Once the app is launched, all the tracks (.mp3 and .wav) will be fetched from the offline storage and will be displayed on the ‘All songs’ screen in a list view. By default, all the tracks would be sorted by name.

For each track in the list, the user should see the title of the track and the artist of the track. If there is no title, the track name will be displayed in place of the title. If there is no artist, ‘unknown’ will be displayed in the place of the artist.

There would also be a line separating each track. When the user clicks on any track, the ‘now playing’ screen should open and the track should start to play.

Sort feature

In-App ‘All songs’ screen will have a Sort functionality. Using the Sort feature, the user should be able to sort the tracks by name or by recently added.A sort icon will be there on the right side of the header when clicked on, then a dropdown will appear with two options:

  1. By recently added
  2. By name

If the user clicks on ‘By recently added’, all the tracks would get sorted by recency with the most recently added track on the top.‘By name’, all the tracks would get sorted in alphabetical order (or in this order: track title starting with symbols, track title starting with numbers and then track title starting with letters).

Favorites screen

 The ‘Favorites’ screen resembles the ‘All songs’ screen. It will display all the track that User has been a marked favorite user should be able to mark a track favorite or un-favorite it only on the ‘Now App playing’ screen.

Ensured that if a particular app user Selects a Song’s favorite and then Some time deletes it from the offline storage, the songs track shouldn’t appear on the Favorites screen. If the particular user has no selected favorite Songs, there would be a message in the center on the screen saying, “You have not got any favorites tracks yet!”.

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